Thank you :

🔸️Give a summary of how your blog started.

I started my blog when some of my friends read my researches and some pdf files that i did it by myself, they suggested me to write blogs through wordpress.🥰

🔸️Give two pieces of advice for any new bloggers.

– continue to support your followers and try not to lose contact with them for long; because they really appreciate that.🤝💞

-Respect your followers, and answer them if they ask you about something, and interact with them in the comments.💬

🔸️My Nominees:

James’ World 2

Soni’s thoughts

DonSam D Legend




www.thelearnerinThe passionate

Anonymously Hal

Illustrated by Hannah

lemanshots – Fine Pictures and Digital Art

L’arte nell’Anima

anam gour





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59 thoughts on “Blogger-award🌼

    1. Yes, i have a problem to write the right urls and links🤦‍♀️, i want to know the right way to write them to nominate other bloggers too, can you help me? 👩‍🔧💓

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      1. Tip. If you want the person to get what we call a ping back, go to a post (most recent is good) , copy the url then paste it as you did, it will send a ping to that person. Notifying them that ping back occurred. It won’t work if you just paste their website, as it won’t ping

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      2. Sadly, no I’ll explain. In order for a ping back to work:

        1.Copy a post URL (like my most recent blog post)
        2. Insert the URL in to your draft blog post, if you already published your post and then edit it in afterwards. They won’t get the ping back
        3. Once you’ve published your post, the URL you copied from my blog post, it will appear as a comment on that post. I have to approve links, this is wordpress way of cutting down spam links

        Can you see where it says ping back on this post

        if you follow the link, it will take you to another blogger who pinged me by using that posts URL, just hover your mouse over to see the URL. Hope this explains, or at least you got the gist of how it works.

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