What Makes your country special ? (Part 4)

Flags of nations



It’s a famous waterfall in Norway.

Atlantic Ocean Road

A road along the Atlantic ocean, it’s dangerous when the wind gets heavy, pushing waves into the road.

Viking Ships Museum

It displays many wooden ships that Viking soldiers used in battles and revolutions against enemies.

Whale Meat

Eating whale meat may seem very strange, but in Norway it’s very common.🐋


Stockholm Archipelago

The largest sea archipelago in Sweden, it consists of 30,000 islands, and it attracts tourists from all over the world.

Drottningholm Palace

The residence of the royal swedish family, and one of Sweden’s most beautiful palaces, it has several gardens, a theater and a Chinese suite.

Kalmar Castle

Historical palace, it was first built as a fortress to protect Sweden against Pirates attacks from the sea.


It’s the biggest furniture company in the world, that sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen ware and home accessories.


The most popular food in Sweden.😋(my favourite)


Tivoli Gardens

It houses a roller coaster, doll venues, a variety of restaurants and cafes, and a music hall.

Spiral Forest Tower

It’s 45 metres tall.

Cycling in Denmark

Bicycling is one of the primary forms of transportation in Denmark, and they use it on their way to work. 🚲


Scarves are an essential Danish garment.

19- Netherlands:


Holland is often called the “Flower shop in the world”, a flower festival is held from late April to early May, it’s considered the largest flower garden in the world.🌷


The 5 largest windmills in the world are in Netherlands, it’s more than 40 meters in height and played a big role in cotton production.

Wooden shoes

Wooden shoes are one of the things that Holland is very famous for, some people believe that the Dutch still wear clogs everyday, but most of the people who wear clogs on the streets today are tourists, or buy them as souvenirs.

Delft pottery (Delft blue)

World famous pottery, this pottery was popular with wealthy families in the Netherlands.

20- Switzerland


Switzerland is most famous for its delicious chocolate🍫


Swiss watches are the best types of watches around the world, as well as being the most famous.⌚

Switzerland is the only country that hasn’t participated in any war or any armed conflict with its neighbours or any of the other countries.🕊

Swiss Red Cross

This institution provides medical care and services for those injured due to wars or natural disasters.🏥


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